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I love history. Especially as it relates to diverse cultures. With its fascinating stories and age-old legends, Hawaiian history is no exception. During my time as a tour driver on Maui, these themes have become a centerpiece to the way I conduct my tours and somehow, over the years, I seem to have developed a talent for telling them. How Hawaii ended up becoming our 50th state is arguably one of the most fascinating stories in history and one that I still love to tell after all these  years.

While hosting my road to Hana tours, one of the things I like to do is talk about specific historical events while we are at the actual places they occurred. It seems to lend excitement to the whole experience. Gives it an added sense of dimension and really puts you there in the middle of it all. An example of this is the Hawaiian word “heiau”, which means ancient religious temple. This is something we actually get to stop and see along our Hana sightseeing tour and, when we do, I tell a true story that occurred in and around this particular heiau many, many years ago. 

Some of the biggest waves on earth pound areas of shoreline we pass during our road to Hana adventure. With these waves come some interesting facts and events that occur to this day. Additionally, you will discover one of the incredible mysteries of the great volcano, Haleakala; how lava flowed out from its crater to form what is now the Kaenae Peninsula. The ancient Hawaiians also did some amazing things to transform this landscape into the incredible site you see today.

You can learn all this, and so much more, by reserving your seat on one of our legendary tours today!


-Jack The Legend