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For those of you Hollywood and/or music fans, in might interest you to know that we have quite a few celebrities living here on Maui, perhaps not surprising when you consider how uniquely beautiful this island really is. It’s a paradise of tropical beaches, waterfalls, jungles, and breathtaking views like no other place on earth. It’s also one of the few places in the US of A where celebrities can hang out without getting mobbed by fans. During any one of our Maui tours, not only will you get to see where they live, but you’ll hear some fun stories about these eccentric characters.

Take Willie Nelson for example. He’s been living on Maui for years and even c-owns a popular restaurant bar in Paia where you can go to hear local live music. In fact, it’s not all that unusual for him to just walk in and hang out. One of our very own Maui Legend Tours team members saw him one day while having lunch there. Willie smiled warmly and said hello as he walked by the table, in his casual, friendly Willie manner. Oh and just wait ‘til you hear some of the fun stories of Willie and his unusual, quirky habits that entertain guests and locals alike! He’s become quite a legend in his own right and you can find out about it on any one of our fun sightseeing tour offerings.

Also, while aboard our famous Road to Hana tour, you’ll find out where a famous Beatle, even to this day, owns beach front property. Can you guess which one? We’ll give you a hint, it’s not John or Paul! Even the Wilson brothers, Owen and Luke, have some pretty swanky places in the Haiku area on the north shore of Maui, and it is not uncommon to spot one of them hanging out at one of the local hotspots on any given day. We actually spotted Owen recently chatting up one of the barristers at a local coffee shop in Makawao, a quaint and historic cowboy town located in Upcountry Maui. The immediate thing we noticed is how similar he is in real life to his on-screen personality. You’d hardly know the difference!

And then there’s Woody Harrelson. He has a gorgeous place in Hana and can often be seen joy riding in his brand-new Tesla. A group of our passengers said he almost hit them one day while they were crossing the street in Makawao. He stopped, apologized and waived them across. It’s not often that such an encounter would actually make someone’s day. I assure you it made theirs!

We have quite a few other famous musicians living here as well. Carlos Santana not only has a place on island but performs at the MAAC from time to time. Our very own Jack the Legend has seen them perform there twice. Then there are celebs like Steven Tylor of Aerosmith, The Doobie Brothers own Pat Simmons, Van Halen’s lead singer, Sammy Haggar and, until his recent, untimely death, Walter Becker of the Jazz/Rock group Steely Dan. Even Fleetwood Mac’s founding member, Mick Fleetwood, lives here. He owns a beautiful place in Kula and a famous bar in Lahaina called Fleetwood’s where he frequently performs with his own house band. But be advised: If you want to have dinner there and see him perform, you will need to make reservations well in advance as it is a very popular venue! Oprah Winfrey even lives here and, of all the celebrities on Maui, she not surprisingly owns the most property. On our Maui Island Tour, we drive by a couple of her sprawling estates. Chris Christopherson lives here too. He has been here for decades and is considered a kama’aina (local).