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Live the Legend – Maui Legend Tours

“Today I’m going to be telling you the incredible story about the Hawaiian Islands and it’s people… This is the history and legends of Hawaii… Today, YOU are going to be part of the legend.”

—Jack “the Legend”

“E Komo Mai!!!“ (Welcome)

At Maui Legend Tours, we believe that any tour is only as good as its tour guide. This is the cornerstone of our philosophy and the primary ingredient behind our five-star rating. Take, for example, our company founder, Jack “the Legend”, so nicknamed because of his gift of story telling. Jack is one of Maui’s most-requested tour drivers and when it comes to storytelling – or “story-touring” as he calls it – Jack consistenly delivers.  

It’s not just his near-encyclopedic knowledge of Hawaii and its colorful history. And it’s certainly more than his love of telling the age-old legends that have been passed down through the generations. As one of our visitors astutely observed, “Jack’s gift lies in his ability to weave it all together like an exciting adventure story, transporting the listener back to another place and time.” 

In a review posted on Trip Advisor, another passenger writes:

I highly recommend taking a Maui Legend Tour with Jack. I was lucky to have beautiful weather on my experience for the Road to Hana (see pictures). What made it even better was Jack’s colorful and thoughtful tapestry that wove all of the Hawaiian history together for me in one day through the spoken word. I appreciated how he waited for certain landmarks to stop and start the story again… it was sort of like having commercial breaks from a fascinating movie.” 

Yes, we admit when it comes to Jack we are a bit biased. So don’t take it from us! Google “Jack the Legend Maui” and read his excellent five-star reviews for yourself. 

“Live the Legend”

The Road To Hana Tour

This is the tour of a lifetime! Once you have experienced it, you will understand why it consistently makes the Top 20 Most Scenic Drives in the World list on the travel websites.

Maui Island Tour

One of the most unique tours on Maui, the Maui Island Tour begins with Fleming Beach and its stunning views of Molokai, followed by a breathtakingly scenic journey along the rugged shoreline that stretches around the backside of the West Maui Mountains.

Private Tour

Explore the island in your own private luxury tour vehicle with Jack the Legend as your personal guide! On The Private Tour, it’s visitor’s choice. Perhaps you’ve always dreamed about taking a dip under a waterfall surrounded by dense, tropical jungle; or a swim at a rare black-sand beach.