There was one particular morning on our Road to Hana Tour that began with an incredible sight, something rarely seen on Earth:  a moonbow! It appeared in the last moments before twilight. (For those of you who don’t know what a moonbow is, it’s a rainbow that is seen at night by the light of the moon. Very rare!) I had just picked up the last of our visitors from their hotel in Kapalua for the day’s road to Hana guided tour and the whole experience left an almost mystical, spiritual feeling in the air.

The other day we saw another most unusual sight during one of our private tours. It was a mongoose that must have been really hungry, because we all watched it literally attack a cat! Then, after realizing that a cat probably wasn’t going to be the easiest meal to acquire, it proceeded to jump right into one of our snack bags! Talk about bold and fearless!! The bag was sitting right next to our feet but this didn’t stop him; he just made himself right at home.

Speaking of tours in Maui, one of the tours we offer is one that we simply call The Private Tour. It has become extremely popular as of late. It’s a great alternative to our Road to Hana tour in that our visitors get to enjoy one of their own custom-tailored Maui tours while getting to go to stops of their choosing… to say nothing of the fact that everyone loves being picked up in a luxurious Cadillac Escalade!

Whichever way you decide to go, all of our maui sightseeing tours are an incredible and exciting way to see the wondrous sights of Maui. Realizing we are perhaps a little bit biased (okay maybe a lot bit!), it is nevertheless our firm belief that all of our Maui tours – our road to Hana guided tour, our Maui Island Tours and The Private Tour – provide a unique and fun way for our visitors to experience the wonders of Maui in its full splendor. 

While visiting us at, please make sure to check out our different Maui tours and photo gallery! Our Maui tours include:  

  • Our very popular Road To Hana Tour – Of all the Maui sightseeing tours out there, ours is second to none.
  • Maui Island Tours – A perfect introduction to Maui’s main towns and historical sights.
  • The Private Tour – For those who want a custom-tailored tour experience all of their own. 

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