At Maui Legend Tours, one of the things our drivers repeatedly talk about is how much fun everyone has on the Maui Island Tour. Of all our Maui sightseeing tours, our Maui Island Tour offers visitors an excellent way of getting an overall introduction to the island of Maui. As we visit the main sights and attractions, you will learn all about the histories and significance of each place, and we do it all the course of one exciting day! During our Maui Island Tour, we not only drive to these many fabulous destinations, but we give our visitors time to exit the tour vehicle and actually go explore them. Maui Island Tour stops include the world-famous Front Street of Lahaina, the beaches of Kihei, Makena and Wailea (often referred to as the Beverly Hills of Maui), Wailuku, Paia, Makawao and many others.

There’s no telling what sights we might see while on one of our Maui sightseeing tours. Recently for instance, on our Maui Island Tour, we witnessed the largest goat that I have ever seen in my life. I took the liberty of naming it Goatzilla. It was literally the size of a small cow. At first, we all thought we were looking at a cow in fact. But then as we got closer, we noticed it actually had goat horns. I count it among the most amazing sightings I’ve seen in my 39 years on the island of Maui.

Another highly unusual thing we witnessed one day while on our Maui Island Tour, was when we actually sighted killer whales off the coast of Wailea! This last month in March, in fact, there was a pod spotted near the island of Lanai’i. It goes to show, you never know what amazing things we may encounter during one of our Maui Legend Tours!

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